About James and Dee

Jobless, almost homeless and travelling the world! Welcome to our blog!

We’re James and Dee, a married couple from Brisbane (aka Brisvegas), Australia.

Two and a half years ago we decided that we wanted to organise a six-week trip around Asia. Dee, working as a primary school teacher at the time, was only able to travel during the Summer holidays, across Christmas time. Unfortunately, for James, who worked as a Software Engineer, Christmas time was the most difficult time for him to book holiday leave. The dream of travelling around for a short period of time and keeping our jobs seemed to be impossible… Trying to figure out how we could make things work, we made the decision to travel for a year, around the world!

In the time from making the decision to travel, and it coming to fruition we bought an apartment in the Brisbane CBD, moved, got married and travelled overseas twice. The planning took a while and at times it seemed that a world trip was so far away that we would never make it. In November 2015 Dee left her job and started the fun task of preparing the apartment to be put up as a rental, whilst James continued to work through to mid February.

The planning process for our trip flew by, we’d originally wanted to go everywhere around the world; a year is a long time to travel and we thought we’d surely be able to fit everything in. When we wrote the list of countries we wanted to visit, then looked at our timeframe we realised that we might need to relook at our wish-list. The final decision was to spend five months in South America, two months in a small part of Europe, three months in Central America and the back home through Asia with whatever savings we have left.

Leave Brisbane: 1st March 2016 Leave Australia: 16th March 2016 Arrive home to Australia: Whenever we run out of money!

Enjoy the reading!