Welcome to Business Class

Back into the business lounge (Air NZ this time) we go… Travelling is so hard when you’re faced with free food and alcohol, and no screaming children!

Express path immigration cards

Midnight rolls around and here we are sitting in business class. Flatbed central, our own TV’s, very high quality noise cancelling headphones, a little vanity pack with some sexy pyjamas, and a glass of champagne. Oh, I forgot to mention the three-course meal included as well. This really is the life. The first of our fights is to Abu Dhabi, where we have a short stopover before our next leg to Sao Paulo.

Bags going away In business!

Most of this flight was spent sleeping. We were treated to a marvellous dinner at who knows what hour, and could order pretty much any food we wanted at any stage during the flight. Going back to economy seats is going to be pretty tough!

Our seats Dee's salmon

We arrived into Abu Dhabi, again, finding the business lounge and helping ourselves to champagne breakfast. We only had a very brief stopover here and a quick shower before leaving for the second of our fifteen-hour flights. Although business class is very extravagant the flying was pretty tiring.

The menu Biryani

Our second flight was delayed a little whilst in the air but not to worry, there is always another glass of champagne to help pass the time. We were treated to another amazing meal (we took photos of most of the food), both of us watched movies in comfort and were able to completely relax before hitting the big smoke of Sao Paulo. Altogether we spent 30 hours in the air, 5 hours in three different airports, heading into a fourteen-hour time change. Definitely time for some sleep!

Dee on the plane James on the plane

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